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Sep 5, 2012— Art & Culture
Al-Aqsa Anger: 'Judaization of Jerusalem targets Islamic relics in Palestine'

Israel has a secret agenda of destroying the Arab-Islamic identity of Jerusalem, and forcing the Muslim population out of the city and their land, Dr. Sheikh Ikrima Sabri, former Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Palestine told RT. Sabri accused Israeli authorities of the deliberate Judaization of Jerusalem, and of attempting to gradually take control of the historic Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Apr 3, 2012— Art & Culture
Signs of success in Gaza trainee kitchen

A small group of trainee chefs in the Gaza Strip are preparing to open a restaurant staffed entirely by the hearing impaired. The new cooks learned their skills in an environment where lessons were taught with hands rather than words.

Feb 9, 2012— Art & Culture
US cuts funding to Palestine's Sesame Street (Sharaa Simsim)

Recently, the US Congress froze $192 million in USAID funding destined for projects in Palestine, including the Palestinian version of Sesame Street. Cairo Arafat, Education and Research Director at Pen Media, which produces the program, explains the goals of Sesame Street and the impact the cuts have had on the show.

Nov 30, 2011— Art & Culture
5 Broken Cameras

"5 Broken Cameras," is a joint Palestinian-Israeli-Dutch-French production that presents the story of Burnat, a resident of the West Bank village of Bil'in. Over a period of more than six years, Burnat documented the struggle against the occupation waged by two of his good friends, while also filming his son growing up. The struggle soon begins to influence Burnat's life as well as that of his family. Daytime arrests and nighttime raids strike fear into the family; his friends and brothers are arrested, injured by gunfire or taken into custody and imprisoned. Camera after camera is destroyed or shot up, and each one symbolizes a chapter in his life.

Sep 30, 2011
Children's Art from Palestine--Censored!

Opening for the censored exhibit, "A Child's View From Gaza," in the courtyard outside of MOCHA September 24, 2011. Despite MOCHA's refusal to show the art of Palestinian children, the exhibit opened and is showing at 917 Washington St., Oakland, CA.

Jul 19, 2011— Art & Culture
Culture is Resistance

From July 5-9, the Alternative Information Center held its first ever Culture is Resistance! Week, which explored the interconnections between culture, resistance and oppression. Held under the auspices of the Beit Sahour Municipality and the Palestinian Ministry of Culture, Culture is Resistance! featured interactive panel discussions and art performances in the fields of theatre, poetry, music, art and film.

May 6, 2011— Art & Culture
Barenboim conducts his "Orchestra for Gaza"

For the last 12 years Daniel Barenboim has used his musical reputation to push for peace between Isarel and its neighbours. This 68 year-old Argentine-born Jew, yet holder of a Palestinian passport had previously taken his music to the West Bank, but now he has broken fresh ground, crossing from Egypt into Gaza to play with his 'Orchestra for Gaza', 25 handpicked musicians from the top ensembles in Europe.

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Home > Palestine in Focus > Art & Culture

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