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Who will protect the Palestinian people?
Khalid al-Aqqad, Maan News, Aug 26, 2006

This article was originally published by Maan News and is republished with permission.

Israeli soldiers scuffle with international peace activists as they protest the construction of the West Bank wall. (Fadi Arouri, Maan Images)
The whole world, including instruments of international legitimacy, agrees that Israel must be protected. All institutions of international organizations prepare to protect Israel despite its wide-scale aggression against Lebanon. At the same time, the international organizations pay no attention to the atrocities which the Israeli military machine causes - in spite of international calls to protect the Palestinian people - against Palestinians.

The US administration is now preparing a new international resolution which aims to modify UN resolution 1701 to reflect that Lebanon lost the war against Israel, regardless of the facts on the ground which clearly show that Israel did not win the battle. This American intention stems from their proposal, included in resolution 1701, that Hezbollah caused the conflict when they captured two Israeli soldiers and killed many others.

At the same time, the US administration believes that Israel has the right to defend itself and protect its borders - whatever the cost to Lebanon, which in this war was about 1200 civilians killed , 15 000 residential units destroyed and the complete bombardment of several towns. All this in addition to the destruction of the Lebanese agricultural and tourist seasons.

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As it does in Lebanon, the United States finds justifications for Israeli atrocities in Palestine by neglecting the suffering and agony of the Palestinians, caused by the continuous Israeli assaults including a blockade, assassinations and racial discrimination.

More than 10 000 Palestinians in Israeli jails and millions of refugees fail to convince international multilateral organisations to take a single step to protect the Palestinian people. The world should fulfil their moral and legal responsibilities ascribed to the great countries through the UN founding convention.

While Israel asked for international protection and every responsible party in the world responded, the Palestinian people are in greater need of protection. The war in Lebanon has proved once again American bias towards Israel which reached the level of a partnership. At the same time, the UN showed itself to be totally helpless when it failed to even protect its own employees from US-backed Israel.

The war also proved that the Arabs can apply pressure and make the changes if they wish. This change can be achieved either by politics or by agreement to provide the Palestinian people with all means of support and steadfastness.

The question remains: Will there be support for the Palestinian people or will they continue to fight on their own?

Khalid Al Aqqad is a journalist.

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Home > News & Analysis > Analysis > Who will protect the Palestinian people?

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