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On civil disobedience
Neve Gordon, The Palestine Chronicle

Gaza families demand answers
Ma'an News

Goldstone and the 'peace process'
George Giacaman,

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Legal Briefing
Israel's Siege of Gaza & Attack on Aid Flotilla
A Pattern of Abuse Against American Citizens Crisis in Gaza
The Facts Behind Israel's Claims of "Gourmet Gaza"

The Spectrum: On being Palestinian in a pro-Israel institution

At this point, Northwestern's stance on the Israeli-Palestinian issue is clear as day. When University President Morton Schapiro actively releases a statement in opposition to the American Studies Association resolution and ensures that it reaches the inbox of every student from Evanston to Doha, students are marginalized.  

The Palestinians and the "Jewish state"

For decades Israeli negotiators would sullenly say that the Palestinian parties refused to accept Israel's right to exist. Oslo invalided that call, but of course it did not bring from Israel its corollary - namely, the right to existence of Palestine. Not long after Oslo, the Israeli position morphed; no longer was it sufficient to demand that Palestinians recognize Israel, they also had to accept that Israel is a "Jewish state." It has become a demand of the current negotiations ongoing in fits and starts under the auspices of US Secretary of State John Kerry. The Israeli demand is so outrageous that Kerry told US Congress on 13 March that this is a "mistake." 

Palestinian rapper Tamer Nafar aims for a global stage

Tamer Nafar, a Palestinian citizen of Israel, has undergone a vivid transformation since his teenage years in the nightclubs of Tel Aviv, where he got his start rapping in Hebrew under the wing of a Zionist Jewish MC. Politicized during the Second Intifada, Nafar denounced his mentor, shifted to Arabic and gave voice to a generation of young, disaffected Palestinians on both sides of the green line. 

Interview: Nadia Abu El-Haj on archaeology and the Zionist project

The role of archaeology in the settlement project in the West Bank cannot be understood without taking into account the political and cultural work that archaeology did in the early decades of Israeli statehood, and at the same time, it is a significant reconfiguration of that project. In the 1950s and 1960s in particular, archaeology had both disciplinary and popular prominence in Israeli society. Various excavations - the most famous of which were carried out in the 1960s at Masada and the Bar Kochba caves - were supported financially, logistically, and symbolically by the state and the Israel Defense Forces. 

Northeastern University limits free speech

Since April 2013, Northeastern University has disproportionally singled out and punished students based on political associations backing Palestinian freedom and rights. Limitations on students' political speech rights are illegal, violate school policy, and are inconsistent with upholding diversity, academic freedom, and the free exchange of ideas on campus. Northeastern placed Students for Justice in Palestine on academic probation after members participated in a preplanned walkout to protest Israeli human rights violations against Palestinians at a campus event featuring Israeli soldiers. In compliance with school procedure, the administration was notified beforehand.  

Roger Waters: Why I must speak out on Israel, Palestine and BDS

After visiting Israel in 2005 and the West Bank the following year, I was deeply moved and concerned by what I saw, and determined to add my voice to those searching for an equitable and lawful solution to the problem - for both Palestinians and Jews... In 2005, Palestinian civil society appealed to people of conscience all over the world to act where governments had failed. 

Palestinians should not renounce their history

We and other Palestinians in the Diaspora are mobilizing to raise awareness of the pitfalls of the Framework Agreement. We call on the Palestinian negotiators and their American mediators to listen to the voices of Palestinians, both in exile and inside the homeland. Any agreement that does not satisfy those voices will fail to meet its objectives of achieving a lasting peace. Instead, it will ensure that millions of disenfranchised Palestinians remain committed in their struggle to pursue a settlement that will bring dignity and justice. 

Excerpts of State Department Report on Israeli Human Rights Abuses

In light of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's meeting with President Barack Obama on Monday and his address to the annual AIPAC policy conference on Tuesday, the IMEU offers the following excerpts regarding Israel's treatment of Palestinians from the US State Department's 2013 Human Rights Report for Israel and the Occupied Territories, which was released on Thursday. 

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