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Fairtrade Palestinian farmers
Al Jazeera
Palestinian filmmaker at Cannes
Nakba anniversary exhibit

Speed Sisters: The Film

The Middle East’s first all-women motor racing team has come together in Palestine. Against a backdrop of political upheaval, Speed Sisters offers a surprising look into what it takes to go further and faster than anyone thought you could. 

MoMA Presents: Annemarie Jacir's When I Saw You

Annemarie Jacir is part of a wave of Arab filmmakers who set their films in the region and push stylistic and narrative boundaries—winning regional and international awards and accolades in the process. The Jordan-based filmmaker’s second feature, When I Saw You, is set in 1967, when tens of thousands of refugees from Palestine poured into camps in Jordan.  

Palestinian film 'Omar' nominated for Oscar

The Palestinian film "Omar" has been nominated for an Academy Award in the Foreign Language Film category, making it the second Palestinian film to be nominated for the prestigious golden statuette. 

"5 Broken Cameras" wins Palestine's first Emmy

Emad Burnat's 5 Broken Cameras took the prize for best documentary at the International Emmy Awards in New York City on Monday evening. "It's a big honor to be the first Palestinian to win an Emmy award," Burnat told the elite industry crowd in his acceptance speech. 5 Broken Cameras is an intimate portrayal of the grassroots resistance movement in Bilin village in the occupied West Bank, featuring footage and narration by Burnat, one of the leaders of the popular protests brutally repressed by the Israeli army.

New Palestinian Film Set to Screen at International Film Festivals in Toronto and New York

“This is a story that just so happens to occur in the Occupied Palestinian Territories –- but it could happen anywhere,” says Waleed Zuaiter of the new film Omar.

Directed by Hany Abu-Assad, perhaps best known for the Academy Award-nominated and winner of the Golden Globe for best foreign language film Paradise Now (2005), Omar has received critical acclaim since premiering at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, where it received a standing ovation and was awarded a jury prize for Un Certain Regard which recognizes young talent and innovative works. 

'Omar' and 'Condom Lead' will fly Palestine flag at Cannes

Ahmed and Mohamed Abu Nasser were born in 1988 in Gaza, where there are no movie theaters. But the twins, who work under the names Tarzan and Arab, were determined to make movies, so they would run home from school to their computer, where they would watch six, seven films in a single run, and then dream up imaginary plots and titles and make posters for the pretend projects. 

Two Palestinian titles to compete at Cannes

Palestinian director Hany Abu-Assad's latest narrative feature film, Omar, has been selected for the Un Certain Regard sidebar section at the Cannes International Film Festival in France from May 15 to 26. 

"I have no memory of a time without struggle"

Emad Burnat is a Palestinian farmer and director of the Oscar-nominated documentary "5 Broken Cameras", which he co-directed with Israeli Guy Davidi. In this deeply personal piece, he reflects on his family's experiences living in the West Bank and as part of the Palestinian non-violent resistance movement. 

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