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Home > Palestine in Focus > Business & Economy

Jan 18, 2013
Prosperity under occupation?

Inside Palestine's besieged Areas "A" - how the Ramallah bubble was created and how it might burst.

Nov 27, 2012— Business & Economy
Gazans assess economic damage of Israel raids

Hamas has begun to survey the damage caused in Gaza by eight days of Israeli air raids. The total economic cost of the damage is estimated at $1.2bn. Damage to properties - 8,000 houses, 200 residential buildings, 43 government offices and three mosques - total $545m. Though Gaza's factories were not hit as hard as in the 2008 bombings, when the main industrial zone was reduced to rubble, dozens of factories were still damaged or destroyed during the fighting. Al Jazeera's Nicole Johnston reports from Gaza on one family who are still reeling from the financial and personal aftermath of the destruction of their factory in the Jabalyia refugee camp.

Nov 23, 2012
Gaza's underground economy also takes a hit

Smugglers bringing in goods to Gaza from Egypt have taken a hit after the recent Israeli attacks of the strip. Bombs have destroyed many tunnels used to keep Gaza's economy running. Al Jazeera's Jacky Rowland reports from Rafah.

Jan 17, 2011— Business & Economy
Development aid

Nassar Ibrahim of the Alternative Information Center Speaks about the issue of international development aid to the Palestinian people, and the ways it is irrevocably tied to the occupation; quite often, foriegn aid further enhances Israeli control over Palestinians.

Oct 15, 2010— Business & Economy
Gaza tunnels used to export goods

It is an industry working in reverse. Tunnels in Gaza are now being used to export goods out of the besieged strip. The smuggling industry has been in decline ever since Israel loosened its trade blockade on Gaza. Now tunnel operators are finding new ways of making money, as Nadim Baba reports.

Sep 25, 2010— Business & Economy
Nablus Workers

The third film in the series 'The Business of Occupation' looks at how the Israeli occupation impacts the workers of Nablus.

Sep 22, 2010— Business & Economy
Nablus Restricted

The frustrations and despair of two import-export agents battling to get their clients' goods in and out of Nablus.

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Home > Palestine in Focus > Business & Economy

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