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Fairtrade Palestinian farmers
Al Jazeera
Palestinian filmmaker at Cannes
Nakba anniversary exhibit

"Each tree was like a member of the family" - Olson on Palestinians and the land

Pamela Olson transports audiences with Palestine’s enchantments in her book, website, and talks. Fast Times in Palestine's ”Love Affair with a Homeless Homeland” describes the warm welcome of Palestine's famously generous people and their courage in outlasting the “unendurable.” Olson recently charmed receptive listeners at two hospitable Columbus churches–the First Unitarian Universalist, March 23, and St. John’s Evangelical Protestant, March 24–with stories like these, choosing different episodes for each gathering. 

The Korn Gallery Presents: Palestinian Textiles

The Korn Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition, “Palestinian Textiles” from the Collection of Robert J. and Vivian A. Bull,” on view March 25th through April 24th, 2014. The Gallery is located in the Dorothy Young Center for the Arts at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey and is open Tuesday through Friday 12:30-4pm, selected weekends and by appointment. 

Hany Abu-Assad: Award-winning Filmmaker

For award-winning Palestinian director Hany Abu-Assad, cinema serves as a tool of resistance. From escaping to the cinema as a child to his own 2006 Golden Globe winning and Oscar nominated film Paradise Now, Abu-Assad has utilized film as a means of exploring different manifestations of oppression. 

A Young Doctor Fights The Depression Epidemic In Palestine

Forty percent of Palestinians are clinically depressed, a rate unmatched anywhere in the word. It's more than triple that of the U.S., ten times higher than in the U.K., and four to eight times higher than in Scandinavia, where the sun doesn't shine for a good part of the year. For Palestinian neuroscientist Mohammad Herzallah, this epidemic is an opportunity, if a tragic one, because it has made his country an ideal place to do groundbreaking research into the effects of depression on the brain. 

Thought-provoking art exhibition imagines earthquake in Palestine

The exhibition Jericho - Beyond the Celestial and the Terrestrial appears small, compiled of one major work or installation by each of the five artists involved. But the show - now running at the Birzeit University Museum in the occupied West Bank - is built upon long processes of research and creativity, resulting in several extensive and atypical considerations of the city of Jericho. Part of the Cities Exhibition, founded by Ramallah-based artist Vera Tamari, it follows a series of other shows based on studies of West Bank cities. The past editions have focused on Jerusalem, Ramallah and Nablus. 

Nablus was "the center of everything": interview with architect Naseer Arafat

Palestinian architect Naseer Arafat has dedicated much of his life and work to the restoration and preservation of buildings in the occupied West Bank city of Nablus. Last year, his extensive research and work came to fruition as Nablus, City of Civilizations, an impressive and extensive architectural and historical survey of the ancient city. 

Photo of Gazan funeral procession declared World Press Photo of the Year

Judges for the 2013 World Press Photo Contest have awarded the Photo of the Year to Swedish photojournalist Paul Hansen for his photograph of a Gazan funeral procession taken during Operation Pillar of Cloud last November. The award is considered one of the most prestigious photojournalism honors in the world. The procession was for Fouad Hijazi and his two children Sohaib, 2, and Muhamad, 4, killed by an Israeli airstrike November 19, 2012. 

"Gaza Fashion Week" comes to London art gallery

Britain is, it seems, becoming the place to see Palestinian contemporary art. After exhibitions in Manchester and London in 2012 devoted to or with major representation of Palestinian artists, the capital has now upped the ante with the opening of P21, a gallery specializing in work by Palestinian artists or engaging with the theme of Palestine. 

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